UltraVue® Laminated Glass Display Cases, Trophy Hall, Marcus Mariota Sports Performance Center, University of Oregon. Photo: Kris Iverson, Moon Shadow Glass.

Our patented technology offers unique glazing features

Tru Vue® has been innovating glass and acrylic coating technologies for over 70 years. We offer high-performance products focused on protecting graphic designs while delivering the best clarity possible.

Innovative products for commercial interior applications

Tru Vue product attributes are unique and have tremendous application in commercial interiors. Properties like anti-reflection, scratch resistance, anti-static, and image clarity can solve for multiple design issues. For example, Tru Vue offers an ADA certified acrylic product with scratch resistance and excellent image clarity. We also offer dry erase acrylic products that can be totally customized from back surface printing to the actual shape of the marker board. We offer a range of glass and acrylic products for display cases and framing that virtually eliminate reflections and are impact resistant.

About Us

Tru Vue Inc is owned by Apogee Enterprises, a NASDAQ publicly traded company whose roots are in commercial construction. Tru Vue has been providing high-quality glass and acrylic for over 70 years. Tru Vue is a leader and innovator in the global fine art/museum market and the custom framing market. Tru Vue products are manufactured in 2 locations: McCook, IL and Faribault, MN.  

Amazing Clarity

Display brighter colors and sharper details. Tru Vue Anti- Reflective Glass & Acrylic coating provides for over 98% light transmission allowing for amazing details and colors.  


Anti-reflective / Non-glare

See Your Design, not your reflection. Tru Vue Anti- Reflective coatings virtually eliminate distracting reflection. Meets ADA certification for non- glare.

Abrasion Resistance

Resists scratches and abrasions from normal wear and tear – great for high traffic areas. 


99% UV Blocking 

Helps protect your image from fading.   



Does not attract dust so there is less cleaning required. 

Cleans like glass (acrylic)

Tru Vue coated acrylic products clean with glass cleaners, no special acrylic cleaner is needed.



Tru Vue acrylic products are half the weight of glass.


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