Our Preferred Printers & Distributors

TruLife® Acrylic Printers

For more information about TruLife Acrylic, please contact us directly at 800.621.8339 or


To purchase TruLife Acrylic, please contact your preferred printer.

If your printer wants to purchase TruLife Acrylic, please have them contact our North American distribution partner, Piedmont Plastics at piedmontplastics.com/contact-us.

For your convenience, below is a list of our TruLife Preferred Commercial Printer Partners:


ER2 Image Group

Hanover Park, IL

P: 630-980-4567

E: email us here

W: er2image.com

Best Imaging Solutions, Inc.

Chicago, IL

P: 312-357-9050

E: email us here

W: bestimagingsolutions.com


Chicago, IL

P: 219-947-0200

E: email us here

W: visionps.com

Image Craft

Phoenix, AZ

P: 800-274-2422

E: email us here

W: imcraft.com

Artisan Colour

Scottsdale, AZ

P: 877-948-0009

E: email us here

W: artisancolour.com

Cushing Co.

Chicago, IL

P: 312-266-8228

E: email us here

W: cushingco.com

Prints Giclee Shop

Miami, FL

P: 800-649-2589

E: email us here 

W: printsgicleeshop.com

Andresen Digital Imaging

Burlingame, CA

P: 415-421-2900

E: email us here 

W: andresendigital.com

Impact Visual Arts

San Diego, CA

P: 858-256-0052

E: email us here

W: impactvisualarts.com

Scale Up Art

San Francisco, CA

P: 415-839-2077

E: email us here 

W: scaleupart.com

AMP Printing

Dublin, CA

P: 925-556-9000

E: email us here


Que Imaging

Houston, TX

P: 281-832-0766

E: email us here


CJ Graphics Inc.

Mississauga, ON

P: 416-588-0808

E: email us here

W: cjgraphics.com

Optium Museum Acrylic® Custom Framers

Most custom framers use Optium Museum Acrylic. For more information about Optium Museum Acrylic, please contact us directly at 800.621.8339 or interiors@tru-vue.com.

To purchase Optium Museum Acrylic, please contact your local framer or contact us for a referral.

For your convenience, below is a list of our Optium Museum Commercial Case Fabricators:


Loop Acrylics

Chicago, IL

P: 773-202-8600

E: email us here

W: loopacrylics.net

Sectis Design

Miami, FL

P: 786-452-1891

E: email us here

W: sectisdesign.com

Architectural Plastics, Inc.

Petaluma, CA

P: 707-765-9898

E: email us here

W: archplastics.com

Plex Art Design Fabrication

Los Angeles, CA

P: 310-715-2175

E: email us here 

W: n/a

Gemini Builds It LLC

Elgin, IL

P: 847-844-4000

E: email us here

W: geminibuildsit.com

Grewe Plastics, Inc.

Newark, NJ

P: 973-485-7602

E: email us here

W: greweco.com


Greenfield, MA

P: 413-722-0889

E: email us here

W: smallcorp.com

Vista AR® Glass & Acrylic Integrators

Please call us at 800.621.8339 or send us an email at interiors@tru-vue.com if you are interested in Vista AR® Digital Signage custom products.


Museum Glass® Custom Framers

Most custom framers use Museum Glass. Please contact your local framer or contact us at 800.621.8339, interiors@tru-vue.com for a referral.

UltraVue® Laminated Glass Fabricators


JIT Companies

Green Isle, MN

P: 507-326-5240

E: angie@jitcompanies.com

W: jitcompanies.com

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